The Official Home of the PEGUI Pups

The PEGUI Pups have come together in four fun, exciting books with the special appearance of a PEGUI Kitten in one of them!

Click on the image, below, to learn more about a title. You can get the stories as e-books at Amazon today. Three of them, 'Twas the Day Before Christmas, Pumpkin and Kally's Halloween, and Leaf, The Earth Day Pup are also offered in print at both Amazon and CreateSpace. There are future plans to offer all of them in print down the line; and there are also two new books with wonderful stories on the drawing board.

In case you haven't met them yet, the eleven PEGUI Pups: Pumpkin, Bubba (who happens to be the favorite among the fans), Shadow, Boots, Cutie, Pauper, Tin, Toffee, Hoots, Blue (who loves the fourth of July), and Leaf (who loves to protect the planet), appear in one way or another in at least one of the four available stories.

However, of the seven PEGUI Kittens: Kally, Tiggz, Cotton, Stripes, Midnight, Blade and Cherry; only Kally makes an appearance in a book; in Pumpkin and Kally's Halloween.

Leaf, The Earth Day Pup

Taking Care of the Earth

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Bubba Celebrates the Fourth of July

Celebrate the 4th

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Pumpkin and Kally's Halloween

Halloween Preparation

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'Twas the Day Before Christmas

Santa Needs Help!

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